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What We Do

At Seniors Helping Seniors® Treasure Coast in-home care services, we understand and appreciate the unique challenges that come with age. That’s why our companionship and daily assistance offerings exclusively focus on the specific needs of seniors. We’re devoted to supporting you or your loved one, while enhancing your total quality of life. Whether you’re looking for an extra set of hands around the house or a friend to lean on, we’ll be by your side. Discover the difference a dedicated senior caregiver can make!

Love is in our Care®

Our mature, friendly caregivers lead with compassion, offering comprehensive home assistance and companionship. We take time to get to know our clients and senior caregivers – that way, we can find a perfect match. Through our exclusive pairing process, you’ll connect with a relatable friend who will always be there to support you. From light housekeeping and cooking meals to running errands around town, your caregiver will handle needed tasks, bringing ease into each day.

Seniors Helping Seniors® Treasure Coast In-Home Services

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services brighten the lives of seniors who can benefit from a helping hand and a friendly smile. Our caregivers, who are seniors themselves, make your life easier by providing compassionate care in the comfort of your home.

Companionship & Socialization Icon

Companionship & Socialization

Spending time with others is essential to a senior’s mental and emotional health. Keep your or a senior loved one’s mind engaged with meaningful social interaction from a dedicated companion. Seniors Helping Seniors® Vero Beach caregivers are seniors themselves, which makes it easy to form a close bond. Through shared stories, moments and mutual interests, we enjoy nothing more than boosting our clients’ spirits.

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Family Relief Care

Caring for a senior family member can feel like a full-time job. Nurture a stronger relationship with periodic breaks. Our caregivers step in as reliable companions, offering intermittent or continuous family relief care. Seniors Helping Seniors® Treasure Coast compassionate relief services are available every hour of the day, even overnight. These much-deserved pauses serve as moments to recharge, ensuring that you and your loved one can thrive together.

Meal Preparation & Shopping Icon

Meal Preparation & Shopping

Dig into all the comforts of home cooking, with assistance from a Seniors Helping Seniors® friend. Your caregiver can help you with meal preparation. Not a natural in the kitchen? No problem. Your caregiver can also go to the grocery store and cook diet-specific dishes or your favorite foods on their own. We’ll even clean the dishes afterwards!

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Light Housekeeping

When tidying up becomes too much of a taxing chore, our caregivers can step in and manage the upkeep. They can assist with tasks, such as laundry, folding linens, light cleaning, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and more. Our caregivers make it easy to keep your house feeling like home.

Medication Reminders Icon

Medication Reminders

Remembering to take prescriptions can be tedious and even difficult. While our caregivers can’t administer medication, they can help keep you on track. From providing reminders to reading labels to opening packaging, your caregiver will ensure you never miss a dose.

Running Errands Icon

Running Errands

Our caregivers make life easier by taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities. They manage a variety of tasks, from dropping off dry cleaning to depositing checks at the bank to picking up personal items from the store. Enjoy the convenience of a trusted friend checking off your list of errands one by one!

Transportation to Appointments, Events, & Outings Icon

Transportation to Appointments, Events, & Outings

Studies show staying social improves mental, emotional, and physical health. Our caregivers can provide transportation to appointments, family gatherings, events, or just a day out on the town. Whether you need a ride to the doctor’s office or a lift to see a friend, we’re ready to drive you. Seniors Helping Seniors® Vero Beach caregivers can even accompany you to your favorite destination – like the park, movie theater, or museum. We’re here so you can stay connected.

Long Distance Check-Ins Icon

Long Distance Check-Ins

Keep up with your loved one, even if you’re miles away. Our caregivers provide regular updates, ensuring that distant family members stay informed and reassured. It’s like having a thoughtful friend who eases your nerves and helps you stay in the loop.

Safety & Fall Prevention Icon

Safety & Fall Prevention

Broken bones can lead to serious health issues for seniors. At Seniors Helping Seniors® Vero Beach in-home care agency, we help take every precaution to prevent falls and keep our clients safe. Whether for you or a senior loved one, our caregivers are happy to help identify potential tripping hazards and other injury risks in the home – giving everyone involved great peace of mind.

Pet Care Icon

Pet Care

Furry friends bring a smile to our faces and joy to our lives, but meeting their needs can become difficult with age. Seniors Helping Seniors® Vero Beach caregivers know how to keep your pet happy and healthy. From cleaning your cat’s litter box to taking your dog for a walk, your senior caregiver is there to support your four-legged companion. Let the purrs and tail wagging begin! Only Available in Certain Markets Upon Request.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to take the first step toward getting you or a senior loved one the support they deserve. Just click the button below to contact us at Seniors Helping Seniors® Treasure Coast. Our professional staff will answer questions and explain our personalized home care services. We can’t wait to bring love and light into your life. Contact us today!