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The Seniors Helping Seniors® Lakeshore story continues to evolve, and we’re excited to share with you all the ways we’re growing our mission! As we regularly add chapters to our beautiful care narrative, we invite you to check in often for our latest blogs, news and tips on how we’re Bringing Love into the lives of Seniors with Dignity and Respect®.

Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Care Services Expands to Kingwood, Texas

Seniors Helping Seniors® 02 Apr 2024

Windy and Floyd Webb have opened a Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care franchise in Kingwood, Texas, driven by their passion for service and dedication to seniors. With Windy’s nursing background and Floyd’s engineering expertise, they are committed to providing compassionate care and companionship to seniors in their community.

Their decision to join Seniors Helping Seniors® was influenced by the model’s focus on building meaningful connections between caregivers and seniors through shared experiences. They were particularly drawn to the concept of employing senior caregivers, which not only offers employment opportunities but also fosters genuine relationships between caregivers and clients.

The opening of the Kingwood franchise marks the fourteenth Seniors Helping Seniors® location in Texas, with a focus on serving communities in North East Harris County, Montgomery, and Liberty County. As the demand for in-home care services continues to rise, Windy and Floyd are poised to meet the growing needs of aging populations in their region.

Read the full article here.

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This Seniors Helping Seniors Co-Owner has a Heart for Serving Others

Seniors Helping Seniors® 04 Jan 2024

Last month, the Carrollton (TX) Leader featured our partner Katie Wasserman in an article about her growing business.

Katie, originally from the oil and gas industry, transitioned to entrepreneurship in 2020 and found her calling in senior care. She and her father brought Seniors Helping Seniors to their area, aiming to help seniors age with dignity in their own homes while providing job opportunities for older individuals. Katie’s passion for family, kindness, and her belief that “you can do hard things” drives her to ensure that no senior feels alone during their aging journey. She focuses on forming meaningful bonds between caregivers and seniors and making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves.

Read the full article here.

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Franchise Partner, Diana Cabassi, Featured on ‘Eye on Franchising’ Podcast

Seniors Helping Seniors® 27 Dec 2023

Last month, the Eye on Franchising podcast hosted by Lance Graulich featured our partner, Diana Cabassi, celebrating her 10th Seniors Helping Seniors® anniversary.

Diana discusses her motivation for joining our community, the challenges of switching careers and embracing entrepreneurship, and her approach to serving clients and caregivers.

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Seniors Helping Seniors® Franchise System Ends Q1 With Eight New Franchise Agreements Signed, 6 New Locations Opened

Seniors Helping Seniors® 24 Apr 2023

Yahoo! Finance™

Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Care Agency was proud for Yahoo! Finance to cover our thriving franchise expansion! Here’s a snippet intro to that article, and we invite you to read the whole piece at the link below.

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, a franchisor with 125 franchise partners and 260 territories nationwide, has secured remarkable growth in recent years through the franchise model and its key offerings. The brand’s primary differentiator is its approach to staffing and caregiver-client matching, which allows mature adults to receive in-home non-medical care from individuals with similar life experiences. In the first quarter of 2023, the franchisor opened 6 new locations and executed eight new franchise agreements for a total of 14 new territories, laying the groundwork for expansion in Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, Florida, New Jersey and Virginia.

“In 2022, we built relationships with 33 new franchise owners, which equated to 73 new territories granted,” explained Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care President Namrata Yocom-Jan. “We had a significant increase in the number of clients that we serve across the country, and we’ve certainly been blessed with great caregivers. It’s been a win-win, not only from a franchise development perspective but also in terms of the care we’ve been able to provide our seniors and the jobs we’ve created for caregivers.”


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Taking Care of Kinless Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors® 17 Feb 2023

Scripps News™
Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Care Agency was featured on Scripps News, Morning Rush program. During the interview, our president Namrata Yocom-Jan discussed the issue of kinless seniors, those older adults who don’t have a living spouse, partner, children, or siblings. Namrata explained how our partners and caregivers work to counter the many challenges faced by kinless seniors and overcome the disease of loneliness.

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Hurricane Checklist

Andy Malivuk 30 May 2019

Safety Training – Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others

Andy Malivuk 25 Mar 2019

GEM Alert!

Andy Malivuk 20 Dec 2018

Ray, Gerianne and Linda, thank you for the incredible service you provide our clients. I’m honored and blessed to support your service. We all see God’s works through your hands.

Here are our recent GEM’s and what their clients had to say:

  • Ray – spoken through tears, “He is so amazing! He cares so much about my parents and always puts them first. If it wasn’t for Ray and the Seniors Helping Seniors team, they were probably going into a facility. He has been so special during this difficult time. Ray once told me, ‘It is my pleasure to be here to take the stress off of you and allow you to do what you need to.'”
  • Gerianne – “I am so thankful for Seniors Helping Seniors. A company who searches for compatible caregivers that really have a desire to help those in need. Gerianne goes above and beyond for my parents. Through the work she does I can rest with ease knowing that my parents are in good hands. If I can’t get a hold of my parents, she runs over there quickly to check on them and put her mind at ease. There are so many examples of her going above and beyond”.
  • Linda Baker – “She is such a breathe of fresh air and always upbeat, which is so important to have around in a time like this. She is a very special person”.


Andy Malivuk

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How Did You Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day?

Andy Malivuk 23 Aug 2018

Enjoying a laugh while celebrating our caregivers

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services and Brookdale Freedom Square celebrated National Senior Citizens Day by hosting an appreciation brunch for the caregiver staff at Seniors Helping Seniors. Our team, almost completely comprised of individuals over 50 years old, is the most compassionate, dedicated and reliable caregiver team in Pinellas County and deserve to be celebrated. They have chosen to spend their active, retirement years taking care of less active seniors. Pinellas County is fortunate to have these individuals living here and serving other seniors.

We wish the entire team could’ve been there but most of them were serving seniors at the time. We will continue to host events throughout the year to celebrate the wonderful service they provide.

Please join us in thanking this team for their service in the community.

If you know any active seniors looking for meaningful part-time employment where they are in control of their schedule, please have them call 727-401-4700.



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Serving The Greatest Generation

Andy Malivuk 13 Aug 2018

Remembering John Paul Halada 7/7/1920 – 8/1/2018.

My organization was honored with the opportunity to serve Mr. Halada during his last year. He was a remarkable gentleman.

Mr. Halada was WWII combat veteran and POW who escaped from German captivity after 8 months imprisonment. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, and several other citations, including the French Legion of Honor. He was a father, loyal husband, very successful businessman, respected artist, 5 handicap golfer, and stock market junkie. He is survived by his son and daughter, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

He was an amazing conversationalist. I remember my first visit was scheduled for one hour but lasted almost three hours and could’ve gone longer. One of my most cherished memories will always be the visit I made to him with my grandpa, James P. Donegan, a fellow WWII combat vet. The visit turned into a two hour documentary unveiling in front of me. One fought in Europe and the other in the Pacific. Stories of Normandy, escaping a German POW camp, shooting down an enemy plane with a rifle, being confronted by General Patton himself, eye witness account of Iwo Jima and battle of Corregidor, shooting down kamikaze’s and being hit by a torpedo center mass that ended up being a dud. The words didn’t have to be said…it was clear there was a mutual respect of what each went through and the lives they built afterwards.

The match between a caregiver and client is a crucial part of the value-add service we provide. Mr. Halada was matched with Elaine and the connection was instant. Elaine served Mr. Halada almost every day for a year and was entrusted with just about everything. The compassion with which Elaine served was a perfect example of what Seniors Helping Seniors represents. I can’t thank her enough for what she did for Mr. Halada. One of the many ways he showed his appreciation was by making the below painting for her.

All of us, not just caregivers, have an opportunity to serve The Greatest Generation. Take the time to help, even if it is just sitting and listening to their experiences and wisdom.


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Veterans History Project

Andy Malivuk 09 Aug 2018

What an amazing experience I had with my dad and grandpa last Wednesday. They participated in the Veterans History Project (VHP) which collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

My grandpa, James P Donegan served in the Navy in WWII and my dad, Rick Malivuk, served in the Army in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic achievement and heroic service in a combat zone. As most of you already know, since I was a kid my heroes and role models have always been my parents and grandparents. All my school papers were about them and all my life decisions have been about living up to the standards they created. It’s why my dad was the Pastor who presided over my marriage and why my grandpa was my Best Man and my first ‘partner’ in business. It’s also why my wife joked that my umbilical cord never stretched more than five miles from my mom.

The Veterans History Project in partnership with Empath Health and The Veterans Art Center of Tampa Bay hosted an interview day where they interviewed 9 Combat Vets. These were 30-minute, video interviews that will forever be archived in the Library of Congress.  The person who interviewed them was a Navy vet of over 20 years and he did an amazing job. Although I’ve heard some of the stories told that day, this process uncovered some powerful, and sometimes funny, stories that I’ve never heard. And now they are preserved so my great grandkids will hear them and understand the great men that made our lives possible.

Channel 10 News was at the event and interviewed my grandpa before his VHP interview. Below is a link to that interview. I strongly urge you to reach out to me if you know of a combat Vet so we can preserve their stories.


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