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Provide Care & Companionship to Seniors in Northern Nevada

Are you ready for a positive change?® As a Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Nevada caregiver, you can make an amazing difference in multiple lives – including your own! We’ve rooted our philosophy in the belief that seniors can help one another age with independence, grace, and dignity from wherever they call home. That’s why we employ empathetic, mature men and women as our caregivers. These wonderful individuals relate to the aging process, using their passion and unique personalities to help others.

A Rewarding Experience

Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Nevada caregivers learn quickly that the advantages of joining our team go well beyond the pride of providing support for seniors. We’ve found our caregivers benefit just as much as those they serve, crafting new friendships and meaningful moments with each new day!

Flexible Schedule

Want to work full-time, or possibly just a few hours a week? As a Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Nevada caregiver, you can customize your schedule to fit your routine.

Competitive Pay

Becoming a caregiver is a wonderful way to Do good and make money®! We offer fair wages so you can earn extra income, while giving back to the senior community.

Lasting Connections

Shared smiles, laughs and stories are hallmarks of the bonds built between our caregivers and clients. We foster these special friendships by matching caregivers and clients with similar personality traits, experiences, and interests.

I’m Interested In Becoming A Caregiver!

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Who Makes a Great Caregiver?

Our definition of a senior caregiver is less about age and more about attitude. Our team looks for mature men and women who are compassionate, friendly, and able to relate to the challenges our clients face throughout the aging process. Whether you have previous caregiving experience or just enjoy assisting others, we’d love to chat!

Paired With Care

We take our time getting to know the individuals we hire in Northern Nevada. Our thorough interview process, background check, and competency exam are designed for us to connect on a higher level with caregiver candidates. This information helps us get to know your strengths, interests, and values, so we can match you with a senior who shares similar qualities.

If you’re looking for purposeful and rewarding work, get in touch. It’s the first step in Bringing Love into the Lives of Seniors with Dignity and Respect®!